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Transforming the landscape
for kidney treatments

Renal Franchise

Kidney landscape image.png

Our robust pre-clinical program includes a therapeutic platform targeting nucleophosmin (NPM), a protein which becomes toxic when the cell is injured inducing the regulated cell death pathway that leads to organ failure.  We have a first-in-class drug in development that prevents and treats NPM-induced cell death.  This forms the foundational building block for our kidney franchise.  

Given the high unmet medical need, the first indication we are pursuing is Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) where we have already demonstrated efficacy, safety and survival benefit in pre-clinical studies and are advancing a peptide therapeutic towards IND.  This common and often fatal disease affects over 78 million patients globally each year and leaves surviving patients with cardio-renal disease, often leading stroke, myocardial infarction, chronic kidney disease or end stage renal disease.  

There is currently no treatment available other than supportive care. 

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